Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week at LFFP

Little Friends for Peace is constantly building relatships and practicing peace. We wish we could keep you up to date on all of our activities and happenings, so for this entry, we'll give you a peek into the depth and breadth of our peacework in an average week. If you are interested in volunteering at any or all of these activities, contact Any time you volunteer, we encourage you to write up a quick blog entry about your experience, so we can share more of LFFP's peacework! Email your entries to

First, check out some pictures from our weekend service project with Holy Trinity that kicked off this weeks upcoming events:

On the agenda for this week:

MONDAY: In the morning, we will launch a new LFFP program in Riverdale at the Old St. Bernard's school. Then, we will hold an afternoon Peace Class at the Perry Peace Room with mentors from University of Maryland, George Washington University, and Georgetown University. Co-directors MJ and Jerry are to present at a Pax Christi Young Adults Meeting in the evening.

TUESDAY: Morning administrative meetings at Perry, followed by a trash clean up in Mt.Rainier, and a p.m. conference call about an event at the Park's Oasis home.

WEDNESDAY: A morning meeting about potentially holding a Summer Peace Camp in Cheverly. Then, the Mount Rainier Peace Class, followed by a UUCA Peace Camp meeting. In the evening, the administrative team will hold their weekly meeting to check-in a meet our newest volunteer.

THURSDAY: Boys Peace Group in Mount Rainier followed by another Family Night at the Peace Room at Perry School. In the evening, LFFP will join Holy Trinity in a service project.

FRIDAY: LFFP will celebrate the art of our Peace Room kids at Perry's Night at the Museum fundraiser. Co-directors, MJ and Jerry will also meet with Maryland United for Peace and Justice ahead of their conference on Saturday.