Monday, May 24, 2010

LFFP Shares the Instruments of Peace

ALL ABOARD! The Peace Train has been busy chugging at several recent events, spreading a message encouraging the use of the Peace Train Problem Solving Technique by having participants embody each step. It visited the Mt. Rainier Day Parade, where adults and Peace Campers “rode” together wearing hats and t-shirts with peaceful messages. It also made an appearance at Cheverly’s Community Day of Peace, sponsored by The Cheverly Women’s Club in honor of Peace Month.

LFFP also took the Peace Train to join Peace Activist celebrating Mother’s Day with music, poetry, dancing and talks from women from war-torn countries, as well as updates from women working for peace to improve conditions here at home. The day included a moving theatrical reading of Juliet Ward Howe's actual historical 1870, "Mother's Day Proclamation.” A special addition was the wonderful actress, comedienne, writer and director Roseanne Barr, who performed her, "One Taxpaying Mother's Manifesto."

Recently, MJ brought the Earth Ball, Peace Pole and Peace Blanket to a meeting of 20 Brownies and Girl Scouts, engaging them in a Circle of Peace. The group stated the Peace Pledge and sang peaceful songs. It was a fun day of sharing, focusing on the Peacemakers in each girls life.

Mt. Rainier Christian Church hosted LFFP and 10 folks of the Building the Beloved Community group. This May, Month of Peace, event explored non-violence through sharing and a lively discussion that left participants with a new vision of what peace is and hope for fostering a wider culture of peace.

What a great school year it has been in the Peace Room at Perry School and in the Sursum Corda neighborhood . LFFP is so grateful for our school-year partnerships with all of the students from Georgetown, University of Maryland, George Washington, Seton, and Archbishop Carroll. They brought new energy, spirit and made a lot of very positive benchmarks in our curriculum. Their time, talents, energy, and commitment made a huge difference in the Peace Children’s lives, helping them to believe in themselves, to change some of their negative behavior around, and to take on the germ of peace. Together we put Peace on the rise at Perry School. THANK YOU - WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU. Our sweet is working with all of you, getting to know you and experiencing what it means to build a culture of peace. Our Sour is that our partnership has ended for now.

Mark your calendars for the second annual LFFP Boat Cruise Fundraiser on August 7th and a Golf Tournament Fundraiser on October 1st. We need sponsors, golfers, and sailors to make these events successful! Email for details.

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