Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Small ReCap of our BIG Summer!

LFFP is teaming up with United Way as United Way of the National Capitol Area Campaign participant. Use #9650 to direct your United Way donations to Peace!

Click here to see our LFFP Students Talking Peace!

Ollie’s LFFP Experience
Working with lffp this summer, even just for three weeks, has been a great and memorable experience. I grew up in DC, attended peace camp for a year or two as a kid. When I was around 9 or 10 my family and I moved to Malawi and lived there for 4 years. After that my family moved to Atlanta and we have lived there since. Throughout my travels i have kept in touch with my freinds in DC and came to visit every once in a while. I really valued my time with lffp because it gave me a chance to spend some time back in my old neighborhood and see my old freinds, and I was also glad to help out with such a great organization. The work I see being done by lffp is amazing, and i am very glad to be able help in this effort for peace. My hope is that i can return again next summer and maybe be able to help with the peace camps themselves.
Thanks for all your impactful peace work, Ollie!

Planting Seeds of Peace: Summer Camps!
It's been a busy summer with Little Friends for Peace, with summer camps to peace workshops to weddings -- and sometimes all of them at once!

As we close our summer camp season, a BIG THANK YOU to our faithful volunteer corps! The summer began in Arlington with a camp at UUCA, continued with a camp at Cheverly, Good Shepherd and wrapped up with two camps in Mt Rainier. Through it all, we were a "special" at Perry School Community Center. We held weekly workshops at Beacon House, with the HIPPY Program at Perry School, and at Virginia Gardens. On someday we were even in three places at once! It was all possible thanks to your support and involvement!
This summer, Little Friends for Peace has also been planting seeds of Peace Internationally, inviting children of torture survivors from Cameroon, Uganda, and Ethiopia to attend our Peace Camps in Mt. Rainier, while many Hispanics joined us in our Cheverly camp. All campers learned basic skills of Peace Building, met Peace Makers (from Martin Luther King and Dorothy Day to our volunteers Elizabeth who spent her spring break in New Orleans and Christy who is moving to volunteer in El Salvador this September).

It was so rewarding to see the benefits of Peace Camp grow and flourish throughout the summer. One camper at Perry School in particular grew astoundingly in skills of Peace. This camper had never been to Peace Camp and on his first day had a very difficult time working a group or even listening to a point of view besides his own. When we went to the Peace Table to try to resolve the conflict, he would interrupt or turn away. By the end of camp, he was initiating problem solving by asking to go to the Peace Table. He was able to express his point of view, listen to the other side without interrupting and maintaining eye contact, and make a deal! What an enormous growth in communication skills, self-confidence, and nonviolent conflict resolution skills!

As always, we treasure your support and hope you’ll be in touch. We greatly appreciate your gifts and input.

Smooth Sailing
LFFP’s boat cruise fundraiser was a wonderful success! This second annual event was a beautiful evening full of fun aboard the Miss Christin! All enjoyed the snacks provided by Taylor’s Deli and eagerly participated in the raffle, including prizes like D.C. United field level seats, 930 Club, Capitols, Freedom, Nationals, and Wizards tickets; Buffalo Wild Wings, Blue Hill Tavern, Results Gym, and Northwest Mutual gift certificates; and special collectables like a Ryan Zimmerman signed baseball, Wizards signed basketball, and 09/10 Caps signed jersey! A big thanks to our generous sponsors and congratulations to the winners! After a few delightful hours sailing the Potomac, the peace supporters headed to the Fish Market for some more socializing. Thanks to all the peace sailors for making the evening! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates from our busy summer full of peacemaking!

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