Monday, February 21, 2011

Georgetown's TeachUNICEF visits Perry

Georgetown's TeachUNICEF Committee recently visited the Peace Room at the Perry School. Five committee members gave a lesson on poverty, including a story about Himal, a boy from Nepal who was living in poverty and who had to give up school in order to work. Here are some of the volunteers' reflections on their time in the Peace Room:

Ally: I was able to make some progress with the little girl I was working with when we talke

d about and drew pictures of the differences between rich and poor.

Charlotte: My experience reminded me how much young children deserve attention...To me, it seemed like our mere presence at their school demonstrated to them how much we care. I think we can help make a big difference in their lives.

Katie: I first had a hard time trying to engage the student to our discussion about Himal and Nepal, but she got excited about the drawing activity, and eventually showed interest in our activity. I hope she understood a little more about poverty, children, and life in Nepal.

Berk: I really liked the idea of a “Peace room” in which children decide on their rules, have material to express themselves, be reminded of the importance of international peace, and welcome guests like us.

Lotus: One of the children was completely fascinated by percentages, what they mean, and how to calculate them. These percentages dealt with the proportion of children in the world who lack certain resources, such as access to clean water and adequate nutrition. I think the girl I was working with was better able to grasp the magnitude of these deprivations through working with actual numbers. It was a joy to teach and interact with the children at the Perry School!

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