Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recent Happenings

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
This Thursday several of our administrative and service learning volunteers joined together to meet and share their passions for peace. After a rousing rallying by MJ, everyone enjoyed Timmy's delicious meal including hummus and chips and salsa for appetizers, lasagna and salad for dinner, and home-made brownies for dessert. As they ate, the volunteers talked about how each got involved with and currently contributes to LFFP. Cute stories about the peace kids were shared and goals for the organization were put forth. Though it was a delightful evening, several volunteers were unable to attend, prompting the proposal for gatherings on a more regular basis. We look forward to this new tradition, celebrating the hard work of LFFP's family of volunteers.

Prison Ministry
We have recently completed two workshops entitled, “Peace Begins With Me” to benefit the Welcome Home mentoring program for which our co-directors volunteer. One workshop was geared towards ex-offenders and another towards their mentors. They were structured to help ex-offenders find inner peace as they approach the challenges of returning to the community and to help their mentors in the Welcome Home program best support them through those challenges. We see much opportunity in spreading peace through the jail system as an important way of giving support and preparation to folks coming out, re-entering community, and living a peaceful life.

Peace Room at Perry School
This week, we welcomed service learning volunteers from Georgetown, George Washington, and the University of Maryland as well as our regular Georgetown Medical student volunteers. These volunteers enhance the children’s peace experience by offering their attention, interaction, and guidance for our younger peace kids. We continued discussing our theme for this month, “Spreading the Germ of Peace.” With ameba-like peace signs decorating the rooms, the children discussed how acts of peace, big and small, are contagious and can virally improve our community by spreading caring from person to person. The kids did an excellent job articulating their understanding of peace and how they wish to help the world. It is so moving to see them grow and mature in their understanding of peacemaking.

Upcoming Events
  • Sounds of Hope 6th Annual Fundraiser at the Potter's House
    Friday, November 13th @ 6:30 to 8:00 on Friday
    Join us to meet and mingle with LFFP’s peace community

  • Revels 27th Annual Winter Solstice Tradition at Lisner Auditorium
    Friday, December 4th @ 7:30pm
    Email to reserve a ticket

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