Sunday, November 22, 2009

Updates on our College Student Service Learning Program

Peace continues to build with each week in the Peace Room at Perry School as youth come together to learn, practice, and experience the art of peacemaking. We are seeing big impacts in our young children from their consistent exposure to our committed college student volunteers from University of Maryland, George Washington University, and Georgetown University. These older youth come with energy, joy, and positive spirits, genuinely wanting to help the children learn how to live peacefully. As the number of volunteers grows, so does the germ of peace. On Monday we had 8 volunteers, so every two peace children were able to engage with a volunteer. Together they read and role played in addition to a special activity in which they made artistic representation of their emotions. The children’s attitudes reveal the positive results of this attention, as they receive the help and guidance they need and deserve. At the end of Peace Class all the children were giving hugs and high fives to their older counselors, saying, “Thank you! and “Please come again!” LFFP too is grateful and so glad they continue returning, giving their time, and teaching peace!

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