Monday, December 7, 2009

Beliefs About War & Peace

On Thursday, the Peace Room at Perry had a special visitor. Josh Stieber is a native of Gaithersburg, Md who served in Iraq for 14 months before discerning that being in the army was against his values. He successfully applied for conscientious objector status and has since completed a 6 month walking and biking tour across the United States through which he shared his transformation story in a spirit of love and reconciliation. We were very moved as Josh relayed the events of his decision to follow his beliefs and his story sparked the Peace Kids to think of their own beliefs about war and peace. He also did role plays with the children, offering examples of how fights and threats stir people up, while helping and caring makes another’s response more positive. We so appreciate Josh visiting the Peace Room and sharing his testimony and look forward to seeing him again at this month's volunteer appreciation dinner!

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