Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peace from Within

Recently I was able to attend a gathering for the Welcome Home Program. This program is a place where people who were previously incarcerated are able to meet up and support each other as they return to their lives outside of prison.
The meeting began with a "check in", in which we went around the table introducing ourselves and sharing what our personal ideas of peace were and what things tended to break our peace. As we went around the room it was interesting to hear how many people spoke of having a peace that was within, one that was harder to disrupt because it was of their own choosing. Next we moved on to an activity using the Wellness Wheel, which gave each person the opportunity to share how they were doing in the six sections of the wheel that lead to personal peace.
As we went around the table that night, each person seemed to be on their own journey of adjusting to life after prison. There were many hardships and wonderful triumphs shared, but what was most encouraging to me, were the many people who were already on a path towards inner peace!-Rebecca

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