Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LFFP launches the 2010 New Year at the Perry School and at Peace Clubs in Mt. Rainier with the Theme: The Paths to Peace

Because there isn’t just one way to be a peacemaker, LFFP is focusing lessons in the New Year on the variety of ways the children can use their time and unique talents to spread peace. In this first month of the 2010, participants across our sites are meeting many peacemakers to hear their stories, particularly focusing on how they chose to make peace in the way that they do.

Over the past couple of months Kweku has enriched LFFP’s camps, clubs, and afterschool program. Kweku is LFFP’s Ghanian partner who came to America to sell his hand-crafted drums in support of his youth project in Ghana. With LFFP, he teaches our children how to make use of the drum for peace by creating and dancing to the rhythms of the drum beat. With mixed emotions, we had a good-bye peace circle for Kweku last week, just before he headed back to Ghana on the 8th. LFFP wishes him well on his journey home and is so grateful for all that he taught us about sharing peace through music.

On Tuesday we also had Pastor Brian from Mt. Rainier Christian Church, talk about how he makes peace by helping people and bringing them together. Then, we met Unis from Ethiopia who is now living in Mt. Rainier and attending DeMatha High School. Unis makes peace through her studies and efforts to learn about and understand others.

Last Wednesday in the Peace Room we had the 7th and final class with the Georgetown Medical Student Service Learners. The students have so generously shared their time and talent to help guide and teach the peace children about the paths to peace through wellness, focusing on the way they eat and care for their body, mind and spirit. For the good-bye class, MJ led a group recognition of the students and their professor, Dr. Caroline Wellbury. Then each of the students sat at a table and one peace child at a time came up to interview them about why they chose to make peace by becoming a Doctor. Then the medical students asked the peace children what they want to be and how they are going to create a path to get there. At each table were healthy snacks of humus, cheese, crackers, pita bread and popcorn, prepared and served by Timmy with the help of several of the peace children. It was an impactful day of sharing peacemaker goals while also building relationships and self-esteem for both the peace children and our service learners. Special thanks to the Georgetown students for their dedication and thoughtful lessons throughout their service at the Perry Peace Room.

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