Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cultural Exchange: Mt. Rainier Peace Club Visits the Perry Peace Room

LFFP makes it a point to bring folks together, so we were delighted to take the children from our Tuesday after-school Peace Club in Mount Rainier to meet the kids who make peace in the Peace Room at the Perry School Community Services Center. After some ice breakers, all the children read together, made crafts, and played a few games. Then they gathered togther to watch a few of the Perry children put on the Peaceful Garden Play. This play features children blooming from seedlings into flowers, but some of the flowers who weren't nurtured wilt. Then, peacemakers come into the garden and give them care, and ultimatly life. After cheering the Peaceful Garden players, the Mt. Rainier kids shared their love of peace by making a human pyramid, topped with a peace ball.

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