Thursday, February 3, 2011

LFFP celebrates a birthday!

"It’s amazing that every time I have had the opportunity to sit in a reflective session with LFFP, I am so touched at the depth and courage the children have in sharing what makes their peace and what breaks their peace." - Peacemaker Neha

After two years of living in Nepal and India, our fellow peacemaker Neha decided to share one of her favorite traditions with LFFP: giving on your birthday instead of receiving. For the second year in a row, Neha spent her birthday with LFFP, sharing her love in a time of celebration.

After spending a month collecting healthy food from friends and family, Neha dropped by the

Peace Room to deliver the healthy food. In addition to the typical peace songs and games, our peace team broke off into groups to mime a healthy task to the audience. All the teams were successful in sharing their tips! At the end, we took time to read a story about healthy eating, where all of us took turns reading and making sense of the story's pictures. It was a truly memorable experience for all involved.

Thanks again, Neha, for your time, energy, and thoughtfulness!

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